Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS)

It has been shown that it is desirable to use a standardised stable solution when washing red cells for antigen/antibody reactions. An adequately buffered PBS with a BBTS recommended pH of 7.00 ± 0.1 along with certain other biochemical parameters is the solution of choice.

Prepared from high purity water, Source BioScience PBSS is appropriately buffered to a pH of 7.00 0.05 and serves as the wash solution for human red cells prior to blood grouping and serological antibody investigation. It also serves as the red cell wash solution in the antiglobulin phase of antigen/antibody investigations. The product is formulated for slide, test tube, microplate and gel techniques.

The reagent is subject to a strict biochemical QC with the osmolarity set at 290mOsm/Kg ± 5.

Packed in 12 and 20 litre cartons the outlets can be connected to any cell washer or can be shelf mounted for beaker or wash bottle filling. A shelf life from the date of manufacture of 2 years unopened or 4 months after opening is given.

All cartons carry the biochemical QC parameters determined for that batch.


Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS) pH 7.00

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Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS) pH 7.00

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Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS) pH 7.00

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