(For the control of enzyme pre-treated red cells)

When red cells are treated with a proteolytic enzyme to render them suitable for antibody uptake, over or under exposure to the enzyme is difficult to control. Many laboratories proceed with reading test results without a suitable control in place to guarantee the result

An extract from Glycine soja will provide a lectin extract which readily agglutinates red cells which have been appropriately treated with a proteolytic enzyme.This is a very useful tool to guarantee the efficacy of the enzyme used to treat the red cells and/or the technique employed to bring about the end result.

Just as the addition of sensitised red cells assures the competence of the antiglobulin used, so the addition of Checkzyme to all red cells giving a negative reaction in the enzyme phase assures that the enzyme has appropriately pre-treated the red cells in that batch of tests.

All negative results from the enzyme phase of the cross-match or any other tests involving enzyme pre-treatment should have one drop of Checkzyme added and a positive result obtained. A negative result indicates that the red cells have been inadequately treated and a repeat test is indicated.

Red cells from individuals of the phenotypes Mk and En(a-) and patients who are T exposed will show a positive reaction with the extract but all other red cells will give a negative reaction before treatment with a proteolytic enzyme.



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