Infection Control Products

Alcohol Hand Rub

70% alcohol hand rubsView >

Chlor-Clean Tablets | Detergent Sanitiser

Dissolve in water for a solution that will both clean and disinfect View >

Haz-Tab Tablets | Environmental Disinfection

For effective environmental disinfection.View >

Haz-Tab Granules | Absorbent Granules

Absorbent granules for the effective disinfection and disposal of blood and body fluid spills.View >

Spill Kits | Body Fluid Spill Kits

Kits contain all items to complete a spillage clean-up safelyView >

Aquasan | Water Sanitising Tablets

Laboratory water bath sanitising tablets.View >

Autoclave Bags

Available in three sizes, printed with blue hazardous waste warningsView >


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