Fetal Cell Detection Kit (FCD Kit)

Source BioScience offers a kit suitable for the detection of fetal red cells in the maternal circulation (Kleihauer test). Laboratories processing maternal samples from Rh(D) negative patients will find the kit easy and inexpensive to use when directing on the use of Anti-D immunoglobulin. Fixing, eluting and counterstaining can be achieved quickly and the 'Ready to Pour' bottles are designed to prevent messy staining.

Full instructions are enclosed with the kit which contains 3 x 100ml eluting and counterstaining reagents. The method requires the preparation of a thin blood film followed by drying, fixing, eluting and counterstaining. Eluting and counterstaining can be completed in 30 seconds and 2 minutes respectively presenting a protocol which is simple and rapid with a well defined end result.

Adult red cells Clear ghosts
Fetal red cells Bright red
Leucocytes Grey/blue
Eluting reagent 3 x 100ml
Counterstain 3 x 100ml

Fetal Cell Detection Kit
200 Test Kit

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