HER2 Testing

We are an established, well-recognised national reference laboratory for HER2 testing.

We use FDA approved immunocytochemistry and FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation) assays according to national guidelines. HER2 testing increased dramatically following a government announcement that suitability for Herceptin treatment should be assessed on all breast cancer patients and not just those in the later stages of the disease.

Source BioScience diagnostic pathology has built up a wealth of experience since working in partnership with Roche during the early stages of Herceptin development. We perform over 5000 IHC for HER2 and 1000 FISH tests per year. We have strong links with the Nottingham City Hospital Breast Cancer reference laboratory and have built a highly regarded reputation in cancer diagnosis.

Core values of Source BioScience are quality assurance, validation and standardisation exemplified by rigorous internal and external quality control programmes.

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