Non-Gynae Cytology

All non-gynae samples can be prepared using the SurePath™ system.


  • Similar to conventional methods
  • Cellular material adheres to the slide surface without any applied pressure
  • 1-4 copies per cell pellet and each copy can be stained or unstained
  • Up to 48 samples can be processed per run
  • No sample cross-contamination during staining
  • An inexpensive technique compared to other automated LBC systems

Superior cell preservation

  • Excellent nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology. Enhanced by the use of CytoRich™ Red and CytoRich Blue preservatives
  • CytoRich™ Red lyses red blood cells and reduces debris
  • CytoRich™ Blue preserves red blood cells and reduces debris

Results and interpretation

  • Produces a homogenous, uniform thin-layer of single cells and cell aggregates stained within a small 13mm diameter area.
  • Preparations are standardised and highly cellular, reducing diagnostic time
  • Standard diagnostic criteria are retained
  • Free from crush, fixation and drying artefacts and no cell distortion
  • Micro organisms, lymphocytes and crystals are retained and preserved


  • Crisp chromatin in small single cells and thick clusters
  • The unique sedimentation phase reduces cell overlapping
  • Even large papillary structures and branching sheets remain intact and obvious
  • Extra cellular material is preserved in significant quantities
  • A superior method for preparing FNAs, where cell morphology and architecture are deciding factors

Further applications and ancillary testing

  • High antigenicity and reliable immunocytochemistry results.
  • Suitable for special stains and molecular tests